Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Scattered Thoughts and Ramblings of a Madman

the heart that sings its unheard song
whisperings to the souls in reach
the sands of trust trickle slowly
upturned before completion

lovers come calling
like the tears of a clown
with bittersweet memories
of the unforgotten past

winding pathways of endless tomorrows
crash and collide with todays revelations
as the highway of life stretches on
over countless horizons

sleepless dreams like stolen glances
shepherd thoughts to soaring spirals
another sign ahead is lit
obscured by turbulent uncertainties

taking comfort in uneasy solitude
the courage to be one throughout
the yearnings to be many
and the burnt black road continues.

Streams of Life
slipping through the streams of life
surviving though the pain and strife
choosing paths to lead the way
to change the dawn into the day

cluttered mnds with scattered thoughts
changing ships in shifting ports
weeding grass thoughout the maze
hiding from obscuring haze

lonely valleys surround the heights
the beauty's mixed with tragic sights
battles fought on friendly ground
endless silence in the sound

heartache filled with envied joys
subtle plots in overt ploys
dreams a' scattered on the land
ones own chances in ones hand

hopes in grasp we forge through life
through all the pain and strife
gleaning to the paths of right
heading up into the light

The Watcher
as the people are coming and going
i sit and watch without them knowing
i watch their moves, their style and grace
the varied look on every face
some are short and some are tall
some aren't worth the look at all
some are mean and some are nice
and they're the ones i look at twice
i see beauty etched in evey pore
which makes me watch them even more
and still i sit and watch you all
as you walk by and down the hall

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Black Tuesday

Well.... after a full on week last week working 53 hours.. and the week before that working a 18 hour shift.... was feeling on top of the world, did a modeling shot for a mate of mine.. cant wait to see the pics (was a fetish gear shoot done in the freezing cold in the back streets of Alexandria Industrial Wasteland)

Started the day ok today... went to Brazilian Ju Jitsu at lunch.. hey even won a few bouts.. not bad for my 2nd proper lesson. (have been doing these "self defence classes which taught a bit of it, which got me interested in doing it properly)
had a meeting at 3pm... only to be told... im being made redundant. so now im unemployed. eeek! bad timing i guess. what really cheezed me off is that im 2 weeks away from 5 years service.. and they are only paying me 4 years in redundancy payout.. but i reckon i can fight that in court. is it worth it for 2 grand ?

if only i knew what i wanted to be when i grow up? Do i do I.T or do i do Travel Industry since my background is both. sigh. thinking of going on a holiday to Europe for a few weeks.. get the head together and decide what i want to do for work...esp since i wont be getting a holiday for 12 months in a new job. sigh.

anyway... heres a pic taken on sunday... before the bombshell.