Monday, January 29, 2007

unconscious mutterings

bit late but hey

  1. Limit ::are made to be expanded

  2. Voice :: your opinions

  3. Change ::is as good as a holiday

  4. Expression :: of milk

  5. Tailor :: made

  6. Lemonade :: that cool refreshing drink (eddy murphy)

  7. Thought ::less

  8. Phoebe :: smelly cat smelly cat

  9. Impression :: sorry im a Psychiatrist i dont do impressions

  10. Sister :: dont go there girl!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Travelling Dan

just to pinpoint how busy i have been and will be.. i thought id share my schedule with the world.

9 Jan Melbourne
18 Jan Brisbane
19 Jan Gold coast (kingscliffe actually)
24-25 Jan Melbourne
30 Jan - 1 Feb Melbourne
6-8 Feb Adelaide
9 Feb Perth
12-16 Feb Perth

already it looks like i have to schedule another Melbourne trip in but lord knows when i fit that in. alls i can think is.. Freq Flyer points! the one consolation for beig away from home so much

busy busy busy


what a weekend. actually was a great weekend, got back from Queensland on sat, in time to go out drinking with my adopted little bro, who i havent seen since i came back from O/S (hes from wollongong) ended up drinking a lot, and i cant remember the last time i drank at the newtown hotel on sat night. then sauntered down the imperial for a few more bevvies. got home at 1am. (alone!)

woke at 6am, and since i couldnt sleep any more proceeded (much to the delight of my new housemates) to go on a cleaning spree for 4 hours. but i reckon its only fair since fred seems to cook a lot of dinners for me, i have to do something round the house.

then went out shopping, spent WAY WAY to much on dvds but have a good collection of newbies that will keep me going for a while. then met up with Ian and his new Beau for dinner and more drinks at the newtown.

at newtown, ran unexpectedly into a plethora of friends that i hadnt seen in ages, so really enjoyed having a drink with them.
there was a totally cute (nay - hot) guy in a green t-shirt at the bar that i was checking out, and seemed to be checking me out too... but true to my form, i got really shy, and couldnt go up and make a move.. i reckon its so weird that in so many ways i can be so confident, but when it comes to guys.. totally shy... not to mention, the cuter i think the guy is, the shyer i get (although there have been many exceptions to this)
he was looking at me, i was looking at him, but there didnt ever seem a right moment to stike up a conversation. and with my mates all egging me on, they blew it up into such proportions that it became ridiculous and embarrassing, and i was not going to go then talk to this beautiful stranger and subject him to the embarrassment of having my friends staring at the interaction. for over an hour i had to fend my mates off from their teasing and them threatening to go tell him that i liked him (i mean really.. are we in high school or what??)
i eventually, and sternly told my mates to drop it, as they were causing such a commotion, im not surprised the guy stayed away. although i did give him the chance to come chat if he wanted, when he was outside on the phone and i went to have a ciggie, but i figured my friends had scared him off.
i had decided that if fate decided that i was to meet this guy, then our paths would cross without the hubub of the leering mates.

although, secretly, i do kick myself for not having the guts to at least have gone to say hi. (but ...hmm, hello.. he could have as well)

on time unconscious mutterings this week

  1. Audition :: nerves

  2. Urgent :: Urge

  3. Lunch ::packed

  4. Adult :: premises

  5. Mug :: ugly

  6. Awful ::muriel

  7. Comics :: X-men all the way baby

  8. Damage :: ego

  9. Kicks :: tee hee umm might just leave this one

  10. Experience :: every one is its own reward

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

belated Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Episode :: drama

  2. Source ::charmed

  3. Jerk :: people who promise the world and deliver nothing

  4. Introduce :: me !!

  5. Ralph :: mouth - think happy days

  6. Stare :: into each others eyes

  7. Cast :: of thousands

  8. Scenario :: fantasy

  9. Flu :: powder

  10. Mad :: you dont have to be to work here but it helps

Sunday, January 14, 2007

moving on

well punters,

lots has happened in WolfWorld since my last posts.

christmas was neatly disposed on, and NYE survived.
WOW what a NYE it was. was lucky enough to be invited to a 40th floor appartment overlooking the city and harbour.. best view i reckon, and finally after all my years in sydney, saw the fireworks on the harbour, live!!! magical. went to the party with a new friend... and didnt know anyone else at the party. i thought it was kind of fitting in a way, to see the new year out, kind of alone.. well amost people but no one very close.
2006 was really a year of self sufficiency and being alone. or at least devoid of close familar surroundings.
breaking up a semi-relationship of 18 months back in Jan 2006, and being single since. leaving my job after 5 years and travelling around the world, on my own (gotta love reduncancy!!) getting hired back by the same company on my return too !
losing touch with a lot of people i knew and going thru the process of reconnecting, although the good friends are still as strong as ever, its strange to come back from 5 months away to see people having moved on with their lives in ways you would never have expected.

having packed up and moved house, all on my own, which was not as stressful as i thought, and kinda fitting in line with the whole year of doing all the stuff i need to, on my own. does make you cherish the joys of a relationship, that companion thru life thats by your side even in the mundane things. that wind beneath your winds that just keeps you going, even when you doubt yourself or think things are insurmountable. having spent a great deal of my life being in a relationship, there wasnt that much single time for me, and the past year, ive learnt so much about being on my own and being totally self sufficient. dont get me wrong, i have good close frineds who if i turned to and asked for help at any stage would be there in a flash, but its been great not to have to ask and see how much i can do on my own.

so 2006 has been a year of self. self discovery, self sufficiency, and self awareness. boundaries were found and crossed, courage and bravery nurtured, and horisons and limits so expanded.

i think 2007 will be a year of crossing boundaries and exploring the unexplored. already i have moved house, new surrounds, with flatmates!!! first time in 4 years living not alone...its interesting. new job, exploring new skills that have lay dormant. with my overcoming a lot of my shyness and finding confidence in myself, and getting myself out there and into situations i never before dared, should turn 007 into a great year.

this year will see a new home being built, a new lifestyle, a return trip to Germany, and lord knows what else. god i could even end up married.. lol yeah right, chance wud be a fine thing.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

much belated unconscious mutterings

oops so late on this.. blame NYE

  1. Resolution :: Revolution

  2. Happy ::as a pig in shit

  3. Bubbly :: personality

  4. Kiss ::him all over

  5. Leather ::mmmm just the way i like it

  6. Fancy ::pants

  7. Pages :: from a new book

  8. Stupid :: is as stupid does

  9. Apologize ::be the first to when youre wrong

  10. Secrets :: way too many