Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i took the red pill

well i took the red pill, i stepped thru the doorway, now theres no turning back. Im here in wonderland, now lets see how deep this rabbit hole goes!!!

how do you close pandora's box once its been opened?

i have emerged from the trial by fire, metamorphed and energised and motivated by the experience.

Monday, February 26, 2007

dont you hate it when

you become a slave to your own desires.
that something previously semi unthought of can become all you can think about.
funny how something you have always held onto, can suddenly seem ok to let go.
to boldly go where this wolf has not gone before.

i stand upon the threshold of a new era, and a new dimension to myself.
i tremble with fear and nervous excitment.
all i have to do is that that one step, to start the journey in motion, and the rest is out of my hands, and ill be along for the ride with no brakes and no control.

but isnt life just like that?

unconscious mutterings

  1. Soldier :: Sarge

  2. Lipton ::jiggle

  3. Reason:: this is the age

  4. Terms :: of endearment

  5. Positive :: Ion

  6. Example :: being made an

  7. Legacy :: of my genetic betrayal

  8. Solo :: what a mans got a hard earned thirst

  9. Instrument :: of torture

  10. Later ::gator

you can play too at

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here we go again

Man, i just got my next round of training schedules.

ill be clicking my heels a lot reciting "theres no place like home, there sno place like home"

12 - 16 March Perth
2 - 5 April Melbourne
16 - 19 April either Brisbane or Adelaide
1 - 4 May either Brisbane or Adelaide

which actually leaves me 5 working days to create a whoel new course and redesign another course into 2 seperate courses.

sigh - i love a challenge

Have you heard about the lonesome loser

i just found out, that on my birthday (this week), my entire team will be out of the office, so i will be sitting alone all day in my office :(

have been tempted to go get a party hat and sit at my corner desk with it on all day, occaisionally blowing one of those party horns.

i feel like Dr Zoidberg

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Queen Mary Visits Sydney !

last time i saw this mother of a ship, was in Hamburg, at the harbour Birthday celebrations. Nice to see her on the other side of the world.

seems, just like the Germans, we aussies go crazy over this ship. traffic today around the city has gone mental !

Then later todaty the QE2 comes in as well.. its the first time that both ships have been in the harbour at the same time since the war.

just what we need at Mardi gras time, 2 more queens coming to Sydney

Monday, February 19, 2007

the travel curse continues

what a day friday was.

left the office in perth with heaps of time, but due to APEC there were no cabs in the city, and so by the tim ei got one and got to he airport, i had missed my 4pm flight back to sydney. so i had to wait 8 hours for the next flight to leave at 12.15am. and if thats wasnt bad enough, the flight lands in sydney at 6.15am, but is actually only 3.5 hours long, so you lose a whole night. i thought, hmmm at least ill get a bit of sleep on the flight, since normally i dont have any problems sleeping, ut unfortunately i had this dim witted, overweight chick sitting next to me, who im sure wasnt playing with a full deck, who took it upon herself to intrude on my space, and constantly move and brush against my arm, thus keeping me awake the whole flight. by the end of it i was ready to punch her in the face, and for me to get that riled, you know it was serious.

totally fucked up my weekend, and had to play catch up sleep for most of it. got home feeling like i had been run over by a truck......
anyway, boss has given me friday off to make up for it, so at least shes understanding of it. so theres my silver lining,

unconscious mutterings

  1. Threshold ::pain

  2. Jason ::and the argonauts

  3. Suspicion :: trust

  4. Tender :: sore

  5. Tempted :: always

  6. Crimson :: tide

  7. Repulsive :: abhorent

  8. Bulldog ::british

  9. Garage ::house

  10. Racket :: mad

wanna join the fun ?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane

i can see the red tail lights..... oh god, i hate that song.... only becuase everyone sings it to me. (that and danny boy)

today is my last day in Perth, and ill be very glad to be getting home, only because im kinda over travelling..... NEVER thought i would say that, but it would be nice to have at least a week at home.

has been nice here, the trainees are good, although this last lot have tried my patience a little ... but it is all about learning tricks and techniques to control my class. so its all a learning process and an opportunity to learn.. so all good.

have been plagued by IT issues yet again...bain marie of my life kimmie! where systems problems have prevented me from properly training some aspects. sigh.

on the plus side, i discovered, during the course of my training, some pretty hefty bugs (program errors) in the training version which was about to go live the next day. would have caused absolute chaos if they had released the version, so i ended up getting a personal thank you call from the head of technology (from NZ) COOL!

so... onto a 4 hour flight tonight. will prob sleep a bit.

now onto the bad news (actually its not so bad) but looks like i have to come back to perth again for 3.5 days sometimes in the next 2 weeks to run another course, plus i got a call from the business tech dept, in which i may need ot train all of the account managers in something, which would mean a road show for me flying to Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, each for one day. i could either do it as a non stop round trip, or i could do it as day returns... which actually would mean more freq flyer points.

but this does play havok with my social life. i guess im feeling very disjointed from my life right now. having been around the world for 5 months and constantly being in new places and new people surrounding me and living out of a suitcase, then coming back home to reconnect to my life, but then finding a job in which i travel a fair bit, has meant i have found it hard to reconnect, and now im feeling the brunt of this. although my good friends know what im going thru and it isnt a case with them on how often i see them as the bond is and always will be there, but does lead to feeling a little lonely as lots of time spent in hotel rooms on my own. i will survive however!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

unconscious mutterings

  1. The best thing :: since sliced bread

  2. Hold :: me close dont let me go

  3. Rapture ::blondie

  4. Cover :: under

  5. Restrictive :: wrestle

  6. Baker ::s dozen

  7. Author :: or mortha

  8. Pill :: of happiness. should i take the red one or the blue one

  9. Months :: days

  10. Valentine’s Day :: alone again

catch up

WOW - what a whirlwind of a few weeks.

where havent i been? been to Melbourne twice, which was great to be able to catch up with brett down there and also see his friends Dez and Al, who just moved down there from sydney.. typical i meet 2 nice guys and they just moved away.. (no it wasnt coz of me)

spent 3 days in adelaide.. kinda cool.. got to see Bob.. my ex.. was really weird coz havent seen him for over a year, and last when we saw each other, things were not so great between us. at least now things are without all the hurt and emotion. actually was really worried about meeting him as for the last 12 months, every time i thought of him, a wave of sadness and heartache washed over me like a heavy cloud. weird! anyway, i think this time was goodbecause we both got to get a bit of closure and i feel so much better knowing that we can see each other without the agony of seperation and hurt.

even so... for the longest time when ever i heard this son, i would think of him.

then flew to Perth for a day... and then back to sydney, and now tonight, i go back to Perth for a week. 5 hours in a plane.. god, im kinda getting sick of it. who wud ever have thought, me, sick of being in a plane. i guess coz i have to sit there and do nothing for so long and the movies on domestic flights are BORING.. although Marie Antoinette was kinda cool.

not really looking forward to spending Valentines day, alone, in perth, with not even my single mates around... going to be a big old loser this year.... kinda like the year when i was living with my ex and he told me not to come home on VAL evening so he could cook a romantic meal for his new boyfriend, so i had to sit at work for hours, alone in my office, waiting for an appropriate time to go home, coz all my friends at that time were in relationships. god! what a door mat i was to him, shoudl have told him to go out for dinner but hey, it was a bit of a weird time in my life so lets not go there.

so ill face V-day alone this year.. but will not be moping.. perhaps ill explore the streets of perth and go sit in a restaurant and look all confidently alone but bravely putting on a face, so some handsome fella will come sweep me off my actually no.. trust me i have no issues being single... happily so.. until Mr Right comes along to make me change my mind... its just V-day is the one day of the year where everyone seems to rub it in your face about being in a rship.

what about me?

anyway - enough moping.. not that i wasnt. just being reflective.. i think bert is coming to sydney on friday.. not really sure since i havent heard from him, confiming his arrival. and god - another birthday coming up in the next 2 weeks.. perhaps i should schedule another trip away so i can avoid it. thinking of reversing the age this year and going back 1 year. hahahaha havent told many people exactly when it is so i might just make it this year without a scratch.

on a brighter note - i fucking just LOVE this song. gets me right in the nuts it does, and makes me wanna get up and dance. shall listen to it on the plane tonight and torture myself having to sit still. hahahaha

Monday, February 05, 2007

travel mayhem

hello world,

well after 2 trips to melbourne, im ready to embark on my WASA portion of the trip. tomorrow sees me flying off to Adelaide for 3 days then a day in perth. fly home for the weekend, then back to perth for a whole week. WOW.

had to laugh though, my hotel in perth backs onto Wolf Lane.