Saturday, July 30, 2005

Line of the Century

** **

Went out for dinner with some frends last night. Great Thai food. when one of the main dishes arrived, beautifully presented, with garnish, and a big orchid blossom in the middle. One of my friends asked the waitress "is that edible?"
The waitress smiled and looked at him and replied "No, its a flower"

i think he shall never live this down.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Relaxed Dan

Thank god, all went well today with my developer review and looks like i covered everything nicely.

upshot is i can sit back and relax tonight, and know i only have about 4 hours work to do over the weekend.

still feeling numb about my friend leaving.

sadly, today was the last day for one of our developers, who has helped me heaps in figuring out how to work this thing. Thanks Jase, without you, id never have figured it out..... and heres me in IT. haha

Review Day



today is review day where the developers will look at what ive spec'd so far, and tell me if its ok or not. outcome of this will determine what kind of weekend im going to have. stress-filled and frantic, trying to get any amendments done, or actually sitting back and planning my holiday.. which is so haphazzardly held together with loose string.

anyway, thought is share a bit of my art with the world. picture is of my little bro. this is what can happen to you if you stand under those black lights for too long..... the discon radiation particles can have long term effects. you have been warned !

My best friend told me last night that he is moving back to the UK. Don't know how to feel about that. Hes become such an intrinsic part of my life, that i cant imagine what it would be like without him. i guess im about to find out.
to say that im in shock about it, is an understatement. im actually feeling numb. its inconceivable that in 3 months time, he will be on the other side of the world, and no longer part of my almost daily life.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005



well, the race is on to complete my functional requirements specification before i go.

slowly going insane as i lose my mind down the myriad of alternate paths and exceptions.
with each use case, the project seems bigger and bigger, with more and more to add in.

feeling like im standing at the base of an ever growning mountain..and no matter how much i climb, the summit seems to remain at an equal distance. looks lke ill be working over the weekend to get it finished.

but then 6 weeks off, so i shouldnt really complain.

6 more sleeps to go.. and i still have no idea what to take with me. a backpack or a suitcase. both have merits so ill have to put the thinking hat on.. just that its rather tied up at the moment.

had a interesting dinner last night. African food. i can recommend the Fufu but cant remember the names of th other dishes. was all good though.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

2nd last weekend in sydney.

well, on the home stretch of a well deserved restful weekend.

After several hours of work yesterday, preping to hand over a project, i caught up with my little bro Kevbear this weekend.

Went and saw "Sin City" at the movies. great little ultra violent piece of film noir. A super-arty new generation, improved formula, neo-retro Pulp Fiction.

Not for the faint hearted.

Then back to my place for horrorfest, Kev and Dan style. Kevs into horror movies, and they being on of my fave genres (after sci fi) got to finally see more of his collection.

Today , being sunday, seemed to be unusually warm for a mid winters weekend. i was in a t-shirt and Kev in a singlet, as we sauntered the length of Newtown, prowling for breakfast. Hardly believing that this is winter.

Whats even more inconceivable, is that i only have 7 more working days until 6 weeks off. 6 Weeks!!??!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

What next

After the day ive had, with typical political games, in my office... the looming holiday just cannot come quick enough.

bit nervous about travelling to Europe, esp if i stopover in UK, with all the kerfuffle going on over there, but im refusing to let the terror win, and plan to continue on as normal.

my flights are booked now..
leaving sydney definately on 3 Aug to AMS (via London) and due to get in around 10am into AMS.

have heard im staying on Vondelstraat which is near the centre of town. yippe. then 5 fun filled, hopefully memorable (or is that i hope i remember) days in my beloved Nederlands.

of cource, every man and his dog is heading to AMS that weekend for Pride ill be 1 in thousands of tourists.. but aparently its the best time to ever be in the city so im looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. (considering we have MG down here.. i wonder how it will compare)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Who is the Boser Wolf ??

Boser Wolf Posted by Picasa

Itinerary is in the making


Well, after a brief scare that my holidays had been cancelled by my employer, it seems the holiday is still a go ahead.

now if only the travel agent would hurry up and actually make the booking. she left it over 2 weeks before looking at the booking (and for those wondering, it was an internal staff travel agency so got no choice but to book through them) ive now lost the chance for a good connection out of London to Amsterdam, and it looks like i have to pay more for a decent connection. "Not happy Jan!"

Got a call from the pay office last week. seems that they have been underpaying me for the past 3 months, by quite a considerable amount. Lord knows how i missed this. anyway, the good news is that they will provide me the backpay, whilst im on holdiays. so the silver lining is that it was like enforced savings and i now have several grand for a holiday bonus. Got to be happy about that.

the holiday plans seem to be at a perfect time. A good mate of mine is working over in Amsterdam and has an apartment there. So ill be in the city, just in time to experience their Pride weekend. Imagine thousands of tourists converging on the one city forthe weekend im going to be there. thank god i dont need to source a hotel, otherwise id be sleeping on the Grachte!

5.5 days in Amsterdam, and then i hop on the train to Germany. 6 hours of the best that DeutscheBahn can offer, before it spews me out in the centre of Hamburg, looking all lost and bewildered. Thank god my german has improved, so im hoping not to get into too much trouble finding my way, if i cant locate my friends at the station. (although i bet they will take great delight in hiding from me and watching me panic. - kein panik auf die Titanik!

the countdown is on.. we are at T minus 14 Days and counting

Friday, July 15, 2005

Welcome to my world

Stay tuned for futher tales of the wolf

ill be leaving Australia on the 3rd of August.
planned itinerary so far is Amsterdam until the 12th of August then off to Hamburg, Germany.

due back in Australia on 14 September.