Monday, February 18, 2008

Dan Francisco

Scott and I on our San Fran trip for Valentines day.

god i shopped up a storm, after walking the entire length of market st and shopped non stop for 9 hours. desperately needed a massage after all that.

was good to fly with scott again, even if he gets narky at me in the galley.

completely buggered after the 10 hour flight home, and as usual, jetlagged and a buggered up body clock.

Arriving at the hotel in Japan Town in SFO

All strapped in ready for takeoff

This is how flight attendants eat dinner

Well deserved crew rest

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

best trip ever !

just back from St Lucia, tropical carribean paradise. had finally gotten over my deadly man-flu, going crazy from cabin fever, and got a 2 Night St Lucia off my standby.

fantastic flights, great crew, and best FSM ive had yet. despite the 2 hour bus ride from the airport to the hotel, we arrived in good cheer and headed for a famed crew room party. not sure exactly what time i got to bed, was a bit tipsy.

next day, the beer kept flowing, and started drinking before lunch (breakfast?) before laying by the pool drinking the strongest cocktail ive ever had.
after the whole crew met for dinner, some of us braved the local karaoke bar. We may have been the only foreigners but we were the last ones standing. .in fact we made them reopen the machine for one more song before stumbling to bed somewhere in the region of 3am.

with a modest few hours sleep and a lazy lunch it was time to board the bus again for the long ride to the airport. somehow, even tho my head was thrown around like a bladder on a stick, on the bumpy road, i did manager to get some sleep.

And somehow, despite some narcky passengers, managed to have a fantastic flight on the way home too.

this trip was exactly what i needed to lift my spirits and remind me why i do this job. 2 days off before being sent to lord knows where. fingers crossed its sydney.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

birthday wish list

been sitting here trying to compile my birthday wishlist. apart from a trip back home, here are the things im wishing for this year. as you can see im not really wishing for much. its the simple things in life that make me happy.

a big jar of Kraft smooth peanut butter
a big packet of cheezels
a big packet of smiths sour cream and onion chips
a pack of original tim tams
a decent bacon and egg roll with real bbq sauce
a toasted turkish bread with vegemite