Monday, March 26, 2007

air hostess

unconscious mutterings

  1. Groovy :: far out

  2. Jealousy :: is a curse

  3. Watching :: waiting, anticipating

  4. Kenny :: oh my god, they killed kenny

  5. Games :: gay

  6. Bread ::turkish

  7. City :: we built this city

  8. Stems :: buds

  9. Birds :: of a feather

  10. Listener :: good friends do this

Sunday, March 18, 2007

unconscious mutterings

  1. San Francisco :: streets of

  2. Sadness ::separation

  3. Spirits :: high

  4. Harriet ::and ozzy

  5. State :: of the nation

  6. John :: howard

  7. Offense ::see above

  8. TImeless :: beauty

  9. Account ::acountess

  10. Refuse :: thy name, and if you'll be but sworn to me my love then ill no longer be a capulet

Saturday, March 17, 2007


pictures from the pre mardi gras bbq

long time coming.. forgot to post these

John, Arnaud & Brad

Jon (Haggis)


things we do

just came across a photo of me with my fellow team mate, on a conference dinner night, dress ups. (can ya tell we didnt go to much effort.. lol )

oh god, and just to show how crazy my work life is.. heres my boss and i, and we had only had one drink by then

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Musing

Bittersweet loneliness surrounds my space
punctuated by memories of you
like dappled sunlight dancing in my mind
so far and yet so near
just a phone call away
you whisper softly in my ear
words that flow straight to my heart
to hold it fast in a stong yet gentle grasp
i try to pull away, but alas unable
hooked, drawn, mesmerised
like a moth to a flame
ever circling a potential danger and heartache
conflict between heart and mind
to fight or flee
or to surrender to the lure you weave
like a magnet you pull my very soul
reeling me in with every breath
with every touch of your heart to mine
addicted, unable to breathe until our souls next touch
dreams abound fill my mind
like a caccophany of newborn doves
all crying out to be heard
the uncertain path lies ahead
shouded with doubt and fear
the fork in the road lies ahead
no sign posts to mark the way
each paths future obscured in uncertainty
does one choice lead to my idealised desires
to the realm of that which i have sought all my life
i stand lost and hesitant at the crossroads
waiting for you to take my hand
and lead the way to my future

Monday, March 12, 2007

unconscious mutterings

  1. Contribution :: teamwork

  2. Ryan ::private

  3. Minimal :: mineral

  4. Cleansed :: spiritually

  5. Centered :: calm

  6. Arrow :: archer

  7. Beyond :: beyond beyond

  8. Execute :: engage!

  9. Intuition :: always follow my

  10. Apology :: reconciliation

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

up up and away

well, finally i got my travelling schedule locked in.. although these locks seem to be very flimsy.

12-16 March Perth
17 March - 4 April Sydney
5- 12 April Melbourne
13-15 April Sydney
16-19 April Brisbane
20-30 April Sydney
1 - 4 May Adelaide

although it is looking like on the 27th of march ill need to do an emergency dash to Brisbane for the day to train a program that only i can train. sigh.

at the end of this round.. i will have already retained my silver status QF Freq Flyer.. after only having it for 6 months by May. but after that i will still need to do 14 return domestic flights to Brisbane or Melbourne to get to Gold status.

you would think that by being in a plane virtually every week this year so far, would have earnt me gold status in 6 months but aparently not.

dans top 6

whats getting me off right now?

after the music from the weekend, i spend a couple of hours on the sofa on monday putting together my new ipod playlist to get me pumped as im walking to and from work every morning. these songs were just hitting me right where it counts.

1. Proper Education - Eric prydz vs Pink Floyd (this song gives me aural orgasms)
2.This Town (hook N sling dub remix ) - subsource
3. Out the Door (hook N sling & kid kenobi remix) - Who made Who
4. The creeps (fedde le grand mix)- camille jones
5. luvstruck 2005 (klubhead remix - southside spinners
6. girls & boys (extended mix) - Vandalism

what a week that was

Well World,

what an amazing week i have had.. full of funny co-incidences and mayhem

spent saturday night at paul and johns place in the cross, having a slumber party, listening to them go for it like rabbits in the next room.
watched a dvd at their place called "Short Bus" amazing movie! loved it.
didnt get much sleep that night due to the very loud party that went all night, on the balcony of the apartment block outside the window of the room i was trying tosleep in.. but did manage 4 hours.

before being woken up at 5.30am to get ready to go to Day Club at manacle.
what a bizarre concept, waking up and going straight to a nightclub..(well day club)
it opened at 7 and we were insdie by about 5-10 past. (stand aside - star coming thru)
even bizarrer (is there such a word) concept was being offered a beer at 7.15 in the morning when i had just gotten out of bed and not even had breakfast yet. needless to say i didnt drink that day. and being in an atmostphere where everyone had been out the night before and we were fresh as daisies. (or is that pansys?)

had a fantastic time at manacle, met so many people. met a guy from melbourne who was up for the weekend... who funnily enough i found out a couple of days later over coffee, that he lives right across the road from a very good friend of mine in melbourne... what are the chances.

sunday night, the tribe congregated at Indulgence. again a fantastic night, met so many friends i hadnt seen for eons, as well as met some new friends. where i found out a mate of mine has been sleepig with somene else i knew. i swear this world is getting smaller and smaller.

lets just say a weekend to remember was had, and i paid the price on tuesday, standing in front of my class, trying to remain cheerful and animated, while training a new computer system.. which is hard to remain that way when talking technobabble.

Monday, March 05, 2007

unconscious mutterings

  1. Nude :: Lick

  2. Support :: network

  3. Rachel:: and ross

  4. Crane :: Bob

  5. Candy bar :: mmmmmm sugar!

  6. Material ::girl

  7. Mind games :: should be used only for good and not evil

  8. Eviction ::its time to go.......

  9. Produce :: lactate (dont ask why this associated)

  10. Joke :: Dad Joke

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