Wednesday, October 25, 2006

up up and away - AGAIN!

well.. what a busy schedule my work is turning into. got my November class schedule planned out today, and seems ill be away most of Nov.

2nd week im jetting down to melbourne to watch the courses being trained there, and then 2nd and half the 3rd weeks im sent to brisbane to train the courses i just watched.. EEEK.

of course, will be a bit lonely spending so much time alone in hotels but have a few friends in melbourne and brisbane so hopefully wont be too bad.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

new pics

yeah yeah i know.. i promised to take some pics when i got home to sydney, so finally posted some up to my online photos..

day 2 finished at work.... found out more of what i am going to be doing and need to do.. sheesh! talk about time pressures and lots and lots of work.. just as well i like a challenge.. but not stressing, can only do one thing at a time so not going to let the seeming mountain ahead of me look too daunting at first... i know that i can do it iuf i take one thing at a time.

found out the company in Germany that has become a partner is called DER Business Travel, aparently its huge.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Dan Radio Podcast is out !

forgot to mention,

The New Kite FM Bondi Beach is out. Coolest international radio podcast on the planet.

you can either download it via itunes podcasts (look for Kite FM)

or you can hear it direct from the website

cool music, cool sounds, cool DJ (but im biased...hahaha)

Day One - Thats a wrap!

Well.. end of my first day back at work... after 6 months break.. talk about a killer.. welcome back to madness and mayhem.

spent 2/3 of the day in induction training, which was great, and the last 1/3 was spent frantically trying to quote for timings on my first training assignment, on the 1st of Nov, which is to train a group of newbies on 3 different systems in 2 days..and had basically to dictate my lesson plan on the spot, including what subjects at what timings through the day... no time to think about it, just off the cuff.. man, talk about diving in head first. managed to get 20 mins break throughout the day.. so should be grateful i got that on day one.

luckily boss lady took the team out to dinner to celebrate my first day, and went to Tepenyaki.. the japanese food where they throw the food at you.. caught the raw egg, but 3 of the other girls ended up with egg all over them.... hysterical

getting up early this morning was a real killer.. forgot how bad peak hour trains were in sydney.. thankfully wasnt too hot.

learned some great news today, that Flight Centre have just bought a company in Germany... looks like i found my career path... they are bound to need someone of my talents there at some stage in the future.. so have a long term career goal to get to germany with this company. YAY!
we call this a brightness of future!

2 more days to the weekend.. and counting.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lucky Stars

Well.. i know its been a while since i wrote, but the daze of being back in sydney is finally lifting and reality is settling back in nicely.

gosh, when i landed in sydney, who should also be landing at the apirport but a friend of mine, Simon...made the whole airport experience warm and friendly. The flight back from San Fran was actually one of the better flights ive had for a while. probably more to do with the fact for the first time in a while i wasnt flying alone and had someone to talk to.

arriving at my house that first day was really weird. didnt know what to do with myself. so much to do, where to start. there was a huge pile of unopened mail..... majority of which even 3 weeks later remains unopened. bills bills bills, most already paid before i got back.

ended up spending the morning bouncing around the house like a pinball, from one task to the next, vaccummed, mopped the floor, dusted, started the labourious task of clothes washing, which ended up taking 4 days and 6-7 loads.

had to stay hidden for 5 days, until the friday, so that i could turn up at mums on the friday night and suprise her and one of my neices for their birthdays... was indeed a big surprise.

Had stated from the start that i wasnt going to start worrying about work for the first week and give myself time to settle back to australian life. the first couple of days were so surreal. wandering streets that were so familiar and yet strange to be walking down again. noticing little changes here and shops, new increase in train fares (and the rail system is still as useless as ever but they have the nerve to charge more for it now).

i ended up stretching the not looking for work into 2 weeks... by the 3rd week i thought, hmm i had better start actually looking.... put together all my CV and created an online work profile in one of the australian job finder sites, and late in the afternoon sent my CV to 2 recruitment agencies. The next morning (thurs) one of them called and arranged to see me on the friday morning. by monday morning i had an interview, and by tuesday afternoon i had the job.
so in reality it took me 3 days to find a job.

and what a dream job actually. Im now a Technology Trainer (something ive been wanting to do for years) working (hahahaha wait for it...) for my old employer.
never thought i would go back but this is a dream job, and working with people that i enjoyed working with, and no ties to the old boss who caused so much stress and heartache last time i worked there. (cant wait to see his face when he finds out)
The salary is not as great as my last one, but is actually the same level that i was at prior to my last 12 months there, and i know the increase was due to my having intellectual property and they couldnt afford to lose me at that time.

The job entails lots of travel around australia and across to New Zealand. another thing i always wanted in a job was lots of travel, and i actually enjoy business trips, going to different cities, staying in hotels, exploring new streets and taking on the challenge of working alone in a city away from home, and dealing with new staff and offices. weird i know but i actually enjoy that...or rather, the challenge of that.

whats been happening with my photos? well, for several days now i thought i had lost my camera.....and a couple of sleepless nights later, stressing over where it couldbe... i found it last night, in a jacket pocket i dont remember wearing. oh well... its back, so i can commence my photo essay on Sydney, which will probably turn into Australia and NZ by the looks of things.

seems my guardian angels have been working ovetime for me over the last six months.... must have a lot saved up in the karma bank. good out, good in i say.