Saturday, July 28, 2007

my soulmate

the love of my life,
my every dream come true,
my future,
my hearts desire,
my lover,
my best mate,
my skin head mate,
my dom,
my confidant,
my grounding lifeline,
and my carer and protector.
the wind beneath my wings.

unexpected delays

god, i actually never thought i would be so happy to end a holiday and go away from scott... actually that part is ripping me to shreds, but insane flight loadings have left me stranded in the UK for a week now...each day not knowing if i will be leaving the UK or not. Scott and i have had so many "last nights together" that i think we will be so ready to say goodbye. (anyone who has ever worked in the travel indiustry and knows what staff traqvel or standby is like will relate)

so today i had to bite the bullet and go buy a real ticket one way, which luckily only cost me £700 one way..... works out about $1700 aussie dollars... money i didnt have but its got beyond being funny and i need to be home asap. so i have 2 more nights here before i can get on a flight but at least im booked and confirmed and will be even getting freq flyer points for it. if this doesnt get me my qantas gold status nothing will. sad thing is that scott will be away my last night here.. so it will be rather odd to be leaving here without him even being here.. so tonight really is our last night together.

on the upside, he is in sydney again for a night in 2 weeks time, and then a week after that he will be back in sydney for 2 whole weeks. just in time to help me move my house. (and if work thinks they are sending me interstate to do training the week i am moving, they will have another thing coming.)

so ill be home in sydney at 6.15am (gack!) on the 31st of july. and already work are sending me to brisbane on the 1st on august for a couple of days.

on the really up side, i will have some rather exciting news to tell the world in a week or so. sorry to tease but ive been sworn to secrecy at the moment.

stay tuned...ill advise as soon as i can

Friday, July 20, 2007

Disneyland for adults

Im here to say, that vegas is amazing.
yes, i finally got on the flight, and after 9.5 hours of flying i finally arrived in Las Vegas. Scotty was there to meet me at the airport (how sweet). Was hanging for a ciggie by the time i got off. walked out of the terminal to have one, and was confronted with 40 degree heat. almost did an eddy and patsy in morocco, and fainted on the spot. got to the hotel, quickly changed and then ran out to go to the star trek experience. it was like my mecca. ive always wanted to go see it. i really tried hard to contain my inner nerd as i walked around the exhibit. you get to go on 2 rides, one being the borg invasion and the other is a klingon attack. pretty cool actually. even scott liked it. was a little disappointed in the shops merchandise range, but still managed to buy a tshirt and a set of coffee mugs as seen on the series. (NERD!!!!)

scott took me to dinner at the Wynn, one of the best hotels in vegas. the all you can eat buffet...oh my god they had everything under the sun. we ate ourselves silly.
we then went up the stratosphere.. which is like their sydney tower, and saw all of vegas lit up by night. they even have 3 rides on the top, which neither of us were crazy enough to go on.

then we walked the strip, from treause island to mandalay bay.... before finally returning to the hotel at 2.30 am (ish)

i swear vegas is like disneyland for adults. and seeing it at night seems so much more exciting than daytime. each hotel has something special to offer and go see, and you really coudl spend days watching free shows and exploring.

got on the flight home, and all the crew were really friendly and i stood in the galley for a bit having a yak.

we got home, a bit tired, but it was time for me to start heading home. disaster has struck again. got offloaded from flights to sydney 2 days in a row now, and now all flights to australia, seeming from anywhere in the world, are full. what the hell is going on. i know we are popular but from every major city around the globe, we are full to sydney, brisbane or melbourne. so im calling around to find a cheap deal to get me home. cheapest i can get thru my own staff travel is about 2 grand one way.. and i just dont have the money to pay that, and even then thats mid august.
so im kinda stuck here. virgin look like they have a few seats midweek next week so i have no choice but to wait til then and hope. have had to contact work and take a few more days off as emergency leave without pay. hopefully my boss isnt going to be too angry but in reality there is nothing else i can do. on the upside it means i get to spend more time with scott, but i really do need to return to work. scott is schedulled to fly down to sydney crewing, and arrive n the 6th of august. we are currently joking that he may get to sydney before i do. but we know at worst case, he can get me a jump seat on his flight if for some reason i dont get home before this.

it could be that because flight centre is having its annual global ball in dublin this weekend, lots of flights are full with thousands of flight centre staff in europe at the moment.

never let it be said that the adventures of mighty mouse and wolf pup are dull.

at least scott also has about 2 weeks holidays in sydney mid august. its so hard to believe how much time we spend together considering we live on the other side of the world from each other. how lucky are we.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The best laid plans......

why am i sitting here writing this to you.. when i should be on a plane???

let me take you back to yesterday.
spent a wonderful afternoon, wandering the seaside of Brighton.. even went out on the pier...finally. Followed it up with a quick trip to the movies, as scott knew i really wanted to go see Harry Potter. Good movie...thought i liked the others better.

got home at 11.30pm and had to pack our bags for VIVA LAS VEGAS (imagine really bad elvis impression) finally into bed at something ungodly like 2am.

got woken by scott at 7ish in the morning to get ready and we were out the door headed for Gatwick airport before 8am. a taxi and a train ride later, we get to the airport, only to be told that things were not looking good but i might be the last one on, so fingers crossed. scott had to go sign on, so i was left on my own for an hour and a half, sweating and stressing on if im going to even get on. they then cite weight restrictions.. which means regardless of how many seats are left we may not get on, scott is texting baqck and forth stressing over it all and telling me that he has a jump seat request in for me. finally, at the last minute, they give us all boarding passes, and im in economy..who cares i got on.. stressed getting through the incredibly long line at security.. racing through the airport to get to the gqate.. to see they havent started boarding yet...phew... then... they start calling out.. any standby passengers in the line?? then im told that the weight restrictions have been reinstated and we have to be offloaded, ut wait at the gate just in case (we have already gone thru immigration and all.. ) i text scott who comes racing out of the aircraft, even though passengers are now on there.... totally distraught, trying everything he can with the gate personnel to get me on... turns out the captain had a mate and after much ado the captains mate got on but not me, and so we had to sit there at the gate, waving scotts plane goodbye. there were 12 of us left behind. we were assured that tomorrows flight is so wide open and we would all get on if we tried. poor scott must be having an awful time on the flight, knowing i got left behind and feeling really guilty, since he requested this trip, which is 3 days long so we could got to las vegas together, and now, in our last week we potentially have 3 day seperated. so i came home on the train and taxi, alone.... feeling a bit down but totally understanding ..this is the way the staff travel thing works. i didnt work 12 years for an airline and not learn this. anyway, im going to try for the flight tomorrow... which will mean spending 11 hours going there and 11 hours coming back, just for a total of 24 hours in las vegas, but the important thing is that scott and i will be able to spend a little more time together. id walk to the end of the earth for this man. i know when scott rings me in about an hour or so, he is going to be kicking himself for this trip..poor guy. he texted all his friends to tell them what happened and to look after me..and they have all called to make sure im ok.. i mean how sweet is that?

so tonight, i go to bed alone again.... (hmmmm practice for when i have to go home again?) and head back to the airport at 7am again to try again. fingers crossed eh !!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Up up and away - and all that jazz

Exciting new just to hand.

Scott's next trip (in 2 days time) is to Las Vegas, and he is taking me with him. so not only am i having a UK holiday (footnote - UK is having the worst summer ever on record) but im getting a side trip to USA. nice little surprise. Actually i have always wanted to go visit Las Vegas, as the star trek experience is there, and the closet trekker in me is dying to go see that. Scott says he will "put up with that" for me. i think ill be like posh or hilton in a handbag sale when i walk thru those doors. (erm - umm i mean, a brickie in Willy Wonkas Beer Factory)

went and had my first manicure today. ok this may not seem a signifigant event to many, but having bitten my fingernails for 37 years, they are finally in a state of normalness, as i have finally given up, and today celebrated the end of a lifetime habit. cant believe how amazingly perfect they look....and so not my fingernails. mind you it was really weird sitting there letting someone touch my fingers like that. i did find the fact that this over the top camp little ladyboy from vietnam give me a handmassage in what could only be considered oddly suggestive. i didnt know where to look. thank god scott came along to "hold my hand" so to speak.

so now i have to get myself ready for this mad dash to las vegas. scott and i have been living the normal life. its really been a test these last 3 and a bit weeks to see if we can/could live together. i think the results are in and i could defineately live with this man. no questions asked. even when he is being a pain.. lol.. i know he is going to read this. the good thing about when we disagree on a point, which is few and far between, is the way we discuss and resolve our differing points of view. i even find it cute, after the fact, at how passionate he gets when it comes to being a point about our relationship. i am constantly amazed at how just about every little thing about him just envokes such strong feelings of love within me. the way he holds himself, the way he talks or smiles, hearing the stories of his past, and past experiences, his attitudes towards just about everything, drive me absolutely crazy with desire for him. sometimes i find myself just looking at him as he goes about his day, when he doesnt know im looking, and just think to is this real.. is this perfect man really mine. i never thought in a million years that the gorgeous sexy hunk, that you would see from across a room, and lust after, (you know the one, the one everyone wants to have) would in fact turn out to be thinking and feeling exactly the same about me. im not putting myself down. i know i am a good catch. its the guy that you look at and think.. oh my god, what i wouldnt do to have that, but would never imagined in a million years that he was thinking exactly the same thoughts.

do you think im smitten? i was actually thinking to myself yesterday.. when one finds something that surpasses any love you have ever know...what is more than love?

oh god, i had better go.. he is sitting across the room from me, looking at me with puppy dog eyes, and sticking his bottom lip out at me pleading for me to finish up and come give him a hug. (will he ever get enough?? god i hope not) last night we spend the night, after he had cooked me a wonderful dinner, just laying on the couch, ,listening to music, and hugging and softly kissing, and talking, for hours. i think i could spend the rest of my life like that.

oh god.. i really better get going.. hes started rubbing my leg now.. lol

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Surviving alone

Yesterday, Scott had to go to work, and fly to Washington. So i am on my own to survive in the UK. It's actually nice, to have some time to bond with his flat, on my own. Ended up falling asleep on the couch watching tv.

One of his friends, nigel, is going to take me out today and show me some of the area. Nigel just got accepted to Cabin Crew for Virgin so hes very excited.

going to spend this morning tidying the flat. want him to come back to a nice tidy environment tomorrow. its kinda weird, im not feeling the huge loss that i do when we usually part, but i think its because i know he will be back by tomrrow rather than weeks. although it does now feel odd to be out of physical contact with him.

i do have to admit, i have never had a boyfriend who looks at me the way scott does. the look in his eyes whenever he looks at me, melts my heart. his very touch calms and soothes my soul. he can simply put his hand on my arm and i feel so comforted and dread to ever break the contact. when we kiss, the entire world just melts away and its like we are in a bubble, that contains just the two of us.

we spent the night before last, just sitting and talking all night. finally got to bed at 6am.

pathetic isnt it? so mushy and soppy. i think i have met the man i want to marry. eeek !!!!

anyway, best be off. need to go get ready and catch a train to worthing to meet nigel.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A long way from home

Scott and i have finally been having some time together. its heavenly bliss so far. seems so weird and yet so normal to be together, despite the fact that currently we live on the other side of the world together. Not that it ever feels that way since we usually spend several hours on the phone every day, and never seem tobe out of contact with each other during the day.

the thing is, i think i have found that elusive perfect ideal fantasy partner that i have dreamed of and sought all my life. only i never thought such a person existed and had given up on finding. im reminded of that song "i didnt know i was looking for love until i found you" as i was so not interested in a relationship when i came across scott on a impromptu internet date. so many things worked against us meeting but something above guided me to him that night and both of us have been totally smitten ever since. when i think back to the fact i almost cancelled meeting him that night, and we probablywouldnt have ever met if i did, astounds me, now i know him so well. actually, betwseen you me and the lamp post, it was love at first sight as far as he was concerned. i took a little longer to realise what was right in front of me but i was pretty smitten from day one. i broke so many of my own rules in meeting and being with him. im sure it will all make a great story some day, but for those out there sick of internet date failures.... it can happen and you justhave to kiss a lot of toads before you find your frog prince.

scott is so my fantasy, mills and boon, prince charming type, wrapped in a dominant skin head exterior. i would have to say that i love everything about him. there is not one thing i dont love. i love all that he is. nothing he does annoys me, nothing about him i would change. ok maybe except the fact he lives in the uk, btu i think if he was australian he wouldnt be who he is.

if its at all possible to die from being oversexed or from an overdose of bliss, then i am indeed in danger. gosh, the very sight of him turns me on, let alone the dirty things he does. tee hee.. but since this is G rated, ill leave it at that.

we flew on Virgin from Sydney last thursday. managed to get Upper Class from sydney to hong kong, and then premium economy from HK to london. man its a long way. you kindo f forget how far it really is until you fly it all the way through. all in all i didnt feel too bad when i got out the other end. it was of course, raining and cloudy. but i was too excited to be tired. i was finally going to see scotts home, since every time so far, he had come down to australia.

the first 2 days brought nothing but scattered rain, but it was perfect weather for us to snuggle and bond in his lair. scotts friends have been totally welcoming. 2 days ago they took us for a driving touor of the surrounding area. we ever saw Jack and Jill. who knew they were in fact 2 windmills.

spent yesterday with another friend of scotts, having lunch and exploring the gay area of brighton. and last night we went on a bit of a ghost hunt to see the headless white lady that is suppposed to haunt a church graveyard in Ditchling. no luck inthe spotting but it was a bit of fun.

tomorrow, scott must go to work and is flying to washington. bit scary having him fly to the US on 4th of july given all the crap that is going on in the world. bit scary to think they just arrested terror suspects in brisbane back in australia. news here is full of terrorist stuff. the car bomb in glasgow is 5 mins from where scotts parents live and his sister worksat the hospital in paisley where the terrorists worked. eek! what the fuck is this world coming too. what iks it all over and what is it trying to achieve. we seem to be fighting to protect a lifestyle, that we have already lost.

anyway more rants later. off to go spend more time with my partner in crime.