Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Flying High

well.. Travelling Dan is off at it again. Tonight, off to Brisbane for work. luckily only going for 2 days.... Brisbane is a bit too humid for my liking and usually you end up being drenched with sweat just from walking up the road.

my little team are going great, despite having so many database and environment issues... testing is a very slow process at the moment.
went to a conference on the weekend for work.. where my boss presented to the conference and theres a picture on the big sreen, of me... entitled Dan "Who's ya daddy" on it. after several years at flight centre, i think they finally found my nickname. gosh, you make one little comment in a meeting and BAM it sticks.

get back to sydney on thursday and thankfully its a public holiday so i can not have to rush from the airport to work again.

hope to have some pictures for the blog when i get back

Monday, January 16, 2006

emerged from the other side of the weekend

wow, what a weekend.

went out with a group of friends on friday night to a club that we hadnt been to before. had fun, danced the butt off!

got home at some ungodly hour sat morn.. got hardly any sleep before being picked up by Bob and driven down to Wollongong to go to another mates party down there.
got to sleep at some ungodly hour that morning too.... Sunday afternoon is a bit hazy.. but i know i went supermarket shopping.. spend $200, and nto really sure what i got, since there doesnt seem to be that much food in the house.. lol i think it was a lot of frozen meals and crap like that... and fruit juices (to detox the body after such a bad weekend)

lucky me found out that Telstra have broken something at the exchange and i have no land line for a couple of days until they can fix it. which of course means no broadband either.. so no internet.. doing this from work during a break.

sigh.. what did we do in the days before internet?

going to bobs tonight to do washing.. since my washing machine broke and just havent had time to get a repair man in.... as not home during the day lately.

my team at work still has no environment to test in (the technology dept up in Brisbane have really let us down) so i was a good boss and gave them the afternoon off.. better than playing hangman.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

wow ! how cool was that !?!

after a gruelling day of training my team (and somehow ended up with the nick name of "big daddy" ) i fought my way thru the problems of my laptop crashing just prior to starting the training, and then not having a database for them to start work on.....

we managed to get them all down to the harbour, and take them for a well deserved Jet Boat ride. fantastic experience, and recommend it to anyone in sydney! ok, we got soaking wet, but every second was worth it.

on the adrenaline come down now.. but cant wait to give it another go sometime!

heres a pic of my team (this is the actual team, the other project members not included)
of course this pic was taken prior to the ride, so we are all nicely dry.

Stray wolf finds blog again

Ok, yes, I know... Its been a while. lets all get over the shock and back down toit.

loads has happened since I last wrote on this thing, and if I was to put it all in here, we would all be here for days. so lets do the abridged version.

have been working as test manager for one of the projects at my company. we are buying a suite of programs from a 3rd party supplier. anyway, had to go work in new zealand for 2 x 2 weeks, and work with the developers so I could understand what the programs do.

Made a good mate whilst I was in NZ (Hey There Newman) and totally battled the return on a kiwi accent.

got back to Australia the day prior to xmas. so missed out on all the pre-xmas merriment but sure made up for it on xmas day. tee hee

New years was fun.. ended up going to a dance party called Fantasy. whilst the party itself wasnt so full , i had a great time on the dance floor.

then when i get back to work, i was given a team of 7 to manage, and ive grown so proud of my babies as they have just finished training on the programs yesterday and handled it with ease.

Today they enter training with me, and im going to teach them all to be testers. eeek!

We have a surprise for them this afternoon, and im taking them all jetboating on sydney harbour as a graduation present.

anyway.. thats a brief catch up, and im promisig to keep writing more regurlarly as my mates overseas never seem to know what im doing (wonder why)