Thursday, October 20, 2005

how slack am I ??

god, it has been ages since i wrote anything in here.. so heres a quick update on the life of the wolf.

The new job as UAt Test Manager, is provings to be an interesting one. ok, so its full of undefined stresses and lurking horrors that im only just barely aware of. but focussing on the priorities in frontof me and trying not to the the enormity of the project scare me too much.

got to go to Auckland for 2 days. but the 3 hour time difference nearly killed me. we arrived at 1am on day one... and had to be in the hotel lobby at 9am. (9am Auckland time is 6am Sydney time) in my sleepy haze i got confused and set my mobile phone alarm to the wake up time, forgetting my phone was on sydney time..... i woke up, 5 mins after i was supposed to be in the lobby. man, i dont think i have ever jumped up so quick.. nor made it across a room in one step. managed to get ready in 10 mins.. but was in a sleep induced haze for about an hour.

day 2 was only slightly better.... and we met at 8.30am... .after a rather boozy night touring the vodka hot spots of the city. anyone who knows me, will know im not a morning person.. so youc an imagine what it was like for me to be ready and packed, in the hotel lobby at 5.30am sydney time.

on the upside, i did get into the qantas first class lounge on the way home.... so that made up for it.

looks like work is thinking that i may need to move to Auckland for 2 weeks soon, to work with the 3rd party software supplier that i will be testing for. interesting!!! always wanted to work overseas.

currently in Brisbane, on a whirlwind visit, as we (my division at work) are headingup to Noosa this afternoon for a conference. hard like.. first class lounges and luxury resorts like the sheraton noosa. who would have thought flight centre would offer me this. must be true, that we open up the world for those who want to see. (man my FC microchip that they insert into you on induction is working overtime today.)

im sure i have more photos to add in the blog, but working on the laptop.. so no access..

stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sleazy Wolf

ok, have recovered sufficiently from Sleaze to be able to report the story.

Saturday day was spent running around doing last minute shopping. I FOUND SOME SNEAKERS!!! (yeah i know, will wonders never cease) found a great pair of black adidas with white triple stripe. (very sk8er!)

had planned to go to some friends for drinks before the big party, but by the time my other friends got to my place, we kind of had to go straight to Fox Studios. the friends i was going with, were in one of the shows, and i was being given free entry, as a support provider to one of the performers. which meant we had to be there at 10.30pm and go in the back entrance (ok enough of the comments about that)

anyway, the entry pass we had gave us entry to the VIP bar (which overlooks the RHI dancefloor) have always wanted to see it from that view. very swish.

mind you..... at AUD7.00 a pop for a half can of heinekin and AUD3.50 for a small bottle of coke... trips to the bar were not all that frequent.

Danced my little tush off! had a great night i think.. all a big blur really. time went so quick, i was actually shocked to see the sun coming up.

Dashed home for a shower and change.. then headed off to manacle to check out recovery. Howver.. again, best laid plans of mice and men...... the line was about 30 deep, and after 15 wasnt moving at all... so bugger that!!! ended up going down to hyde Park and laying in the shade of a tree and chatting for afew hours before heading home. actually was a really nice way to spend the morning.. although.. to save the travel time .. there is a park across the road from my place....hahaha.. well i know for next time.

today im due to start my role as UAT Test Manager. first meeting at 2pm.... eeek!
already theres word i may need to be sent to NZ next week for training. wont that be fun.

starting Brazilian JuJitsu tomorrow night.... and starting back at Choi Kwang Do next week (getting some private lessons to catch up on patterns and techniques as its been a few months since i last trained) looking forward to getting back into the exercise and getting back into fitness. theres a Gym opening up in ouor building, which is owned by my company.. so free membership. hoping to get in a session or two in per week, to suppliment my martial arts training. i thnk its now more the case of deciding what nights i wont the muscles will need a rest between workouts.

looks like some masseur is going to make a fortune fixing my aching body.