Thursday, February 23, 2006

Days of our lives

Well, the wolf has grown older. Celebrated the umteenth anniversary of my 21st.

almost managed to duck out of all references to my birthday.....NOT !
got woken at some ungodly hour by good old mum, determined to be the first person to call me. (she'd even woken up at 2.30am...the time of my birth.. weird huh)
then my nieces got into SMS mode... then Bob rang (blow me down with a feather)

thought i would at least have a quiet day at work... no.. got taken out to Yum Cha lunch, and ate like a pig. wondered why everyone was trying to talk me out of having mango pancakes... (of which i made sure i had anyway)

but i enever expected to be in the office and have the lights go out and people produce a cake with sparklers on it. (got all mooshy inside)

Dinner with my mum and by brother went reasonable well.. even if i get end up arguing with mum over who would pay for the dinner. was a bit pricey and didnt want her paying for it, to which she got upset. sigh.

got a little/lot tipsy... so tried my chef friend suggestion to have cheese before bed, and after i finished drinking.. aparently the cheeese breaks down the alcohol. well it kinda worked.. no hangover but still felt like my head was all fuzzy.

so thus i managed to survive another birthday.. relatively unscathed.

Friday, February 17, 2006

will it ever end?

well... stress levels at work have basically gone thru the roof! hence havent been writing for a bit.

so to relieve the stress and find a good life/work balance, ive decided... fuck it. im coming out from behind my shyness. (yes friends.. laugh all you want but believe it or not, i am actually quite shy)
been trying to balance the work hard with play hard. gone out a few times with me best mates Paul and Joseph. Saw Bob breifly last night. was a little strange to see him, but i know in the end things will work out for the best for both he and I. Aparently hes going well with his new boyfriend so it makes me happy that hes so happy... just a little weirded out to think of him loving someone else. oh well.

had a nice Valentines dinner cooked for me by a good friend Ian (who does a mean BBQ) oh and Ian, if you read this... you know you love me ! (lol) i think hes out on a date tonight.. so looking forward to catching up on the gossip.

god.. birthday looming.. eeek! have decided im way too old to be having birthdays anymore.. so im boycotting them in the hopes this will stop me getting older. Mind you the older i get the more fun i seem to be having so im not really all that worried about it. more fun to pretend i am.

got new nokia N70.. so having lots of fun with my new toy. because FINALLY they decide to give you a cable to attach to the pc ill be able to more readily take pics on the run and post them up here.

anyway.. must go.. things to do.. people to do.. places to be.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Well, a good end to a crapulous day.

needless to say work is filled with endless bureaucratic red tape,

and weird directorships. but my 2nd class at my new martial art went well. kinda.

well, did heaps more wrestling around this time. got trown about a bit, but gae as good as i got. noticed the guy i was partnered with, who was at his first lession, was a little reckless during training. but i put it down to just being inexperienced. got to practice with some advanced guys too. heaps of fun, although the positions are a bit sus.

got winded twice, almost broke my wrist, sweated like a pig, copped an accidental backfist in the face, got dizzy and delerious by the end of it from all the throws and chokes. but hey, i got to learn mount position, and side mount, how to apply this neat choke from the mouht or rear position. learned a defence against the mount position, and even the defence against the defence of the mount position. so overall id say it was worth it. even if i did seem to somehow hurt my hand, but think its only an old martial arts injury so im not too concerned.

had great fun, managed to throw one of my team members, who whilst a girl, is bigger and heavier than i am. and managed to work it against her, so looking forward to practising it on maybe friends who are bigger.

wasnt as bad as i thought being in all those extremely compromising positions with some pretty buff looking boys.. after you get over the initial thrill of ooh err who wud have thought id be like this with a hot straight boy, you actually dont even think that way because youre so focussed on training. seriously.

felt i got a good workout. planned to do 10 mins on the rowing machine after as a warm down, but only lasted 7.5 mins and got bored. i was so tired and in need of a shower.. so gave up.. naughty me. but i reckon i did enough today. we did about 150 crunches/situp things which killed by the end of it but feeling the abs getting bigger already (i know, im a bastard) and 20 wheelbarrow pushups which were weird coz we also had to walk like a wheelbarrow between the sets.

a good night of torture and im ready to curl up and snuggle my pillow.