Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What Dan did in august

Just to prove i have waaaaaay too much time on my hands, here is a vid clip of my journeys in August

Whilst i always try to be tolerant of other cultures, i have to admit, jamaica was the worst trips i have ever been on. its so dangerous there we cant leave our hotel. Add on top of this they are extremely violent towards homosexuals, and are white racist to the extreme too. so you can imagine the fun we had on the flights.

we fly into montego bay, stay a night and then transfer as passengers on board an air jamaica flight to kingston and then stay the night before crewing home. The air Jamaica flight takes 20 mins, but can you believe it takes us 6 hours to actually do it.... with the airports being soooooo bad, with long long lines for everything. we were in the check in queue for 2 hours.

managed to finally get into manhattan this month and fell in love with the place.

st Lucia was great too.... we got a 4 hour catamaran booze cruise....i was so drunk when i got off that thing....lol

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